Financial management
reporting software for your business

Visual dashboard

An intuitive financial reporting platform for Finance Professionals to gain business intelligence on what’s driving performance.

Our financial reporting software provides the data insights you need
to help you manage your business effectively.

Our platform saves you time so you can focus on value-generating activities
and helps to identify the opportunities to save costs.

Create customised reports for your stakeholder groups including
CEOs, banks, investors or government.

No more Excel. We integrate with your existing accounting apps so you can gain business intelligence within minutes.

Business intelligence

Customisable management reports provide meaningful data insights to help you manage your business effectively and identify valuable opportunities.

Remove manual errors and effort

Automate your reporting to prevent errors and save time so you can focus on value-adding activities and projects, without the need to increase your headcount.

From Xero to hero

Our accountancy software integrates effortlessly with Xero and other key accounting packages enabling you to run, output and distribute reports within minutes.

How we help you.

  • Identify cost savings

    Identify cost savings

    Our reports provide key data and clear insights for your different stakeholders with our tailored and flexible reports.
  • Prevent errors

    Prevent errors

    Automation not only saves you time, it prevents any errors from manual data entry and saves you time finding and fixing the errors.
  • Save time

    Save time

    Our intuitive, easy-to-use platform and smart automation save you time so you can focus on value-generating activities without the need to increase headcount.
  • Business performance insights

    Business performance insights

    Our ability to pull transactional data means we can provide more features for you as well as useful reports with clear insights across what is driving your financial outcomes.
  • Training and first-class support

    Training and first-class support

    We want you to get as much value as possible from working with us. That is why we provide 1:1 training, help you write your first report and offer you first class support.

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People are talking about us...

Paul Krisman

Flagship is a great piece of software ideal for filling that gaps that Xero doesn’t fill. Early days but we see this as a gamechanger and looking forward to exploiting it widely.

Trevor Good

Flagship Reporting software is a must for any Xero user. The easy to use templates together with the the ability to build your own reports has saved time and provided a consistent and error free reporting environment.

Steve Katz

We have just started using the app for our Canadian operation. It has totally revolutionised our reporting. It now takes minutes instead of days. Well done Flagship!

Daniel Vigario

I have been a Xero user for a while. Flagship is an amazing 3rd party reporting App. Perfect for SME's and really easy to use. Reports look great. Competitive pricing and excellent functions. Incredible product made by a great company!

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Why use Flagship Reporting?

Prevents manual errors and saves you time using real time data and integrated reporting.

Create visual reports that reveal the key business insights that impact performance.

Converts your numbers into meaningful business insights to help you make better business decisions.

Intuitive software built by accountants for accountants. Quick, easy financial reporting.

Fully customisable and flexible reporting creating your reports your way.

Connect your Xero account or other accounting software straight away to start creating your customised report.

Intergrated with...

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