Financial reports

  • Create Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and cash flow statements
  • Report against budgets and forecasts
  • Customise columns to align with your reporting format
  • Edit rows – drag and drop to re-order accounts. Group accounts into one line
  • Create an operational/EBITDA Profit & Loss format
  • Enhance your report with charts


  • Define your consolidated group
  • Choose accounts to be eliminated
  • Add consolidating adjustment journals
  • Run reports by group or show by individual entities
  • Create charts, widgets and KPI’s for each consolidated group

Sales reports

  • Create sales reports by customer for any given period
  • Show reports for top 10/20 customers
  • Run aged debtors reports to manage your cash flow
  • Choose aged reports by invoice date or due date
  • Chart your sales and debtors

Visual dashboards

  • Drag and drop a report to create a dashboard
  • Reposition any component on the dashboard
  • Cut and paste a report from one page to another
  • Easily reference a page by visual page thumbnails
  • Duplicate a report to be used for other entities
  • Add commentary to any part of your report

Ratios & KPI’s

  • Choose from a list of key KPI’s
  • Create your customised KPI
  • Display a KPI in a table or widget format
  • Report KPI’s against budgets or forecasts
  • Create your own non -financial KPI’s

Transaction Reports

  • Create reports showing transactions
  • Single and multi-account reports
  • See opening balances, transactions and closing balance
  • Help stakeholders with detailed granularity into the business
  • Drill down to the transactions in your accounting software